About Us

We have been providing SEO services to local clients for 5 years now and now launching SEO Agency in 2022.

Our SEO agency is committed to improving your hankering online business’s visitor experience, conversions, and Search Engine ranking. We believe in sustainable results and strong bonding with our customers. iASWAD is not just a mere ordinary SEO agency; we are your purposeful digital partner who will help your business flourish online with the help of our creativity and methodological vision in the SEO industry.

We’ve helped companies grow their online presence from small businesses to global enterprises. We’re able to do that because we know how to adapt to Google’s constantly changing algorithms and leverage the power of social media marketing. Our experts understand the importance of search engine rankings, and we’ll help you get there.

It is pertinent to mention that iASWAD is not only an emerging SEO agency; this is the dream of Aswad Baloch.

Our Team

Aswad Khan


An expert in the field of SEO with 5 years of experience.

Aqsa Faiz


Experienced in the SEO industry for 3 years and an expert in off-page optimization.

Who is Aswad Khan?

Aswad Baloch

Aswad Khan is an ambitious SEO expert from Pakistan. He graduated from the fourth batch of the Most result-oriented SEO institute iSkills, founded by visionary M Tanveer Nandla, who is also known as Dr. Web and recently awarded Top Blogger of Pakistan.

Presently, Aswad is a Student success manager and caring Trainer in iSkills Acadamy. His expertise is Site Audit, Niche Research, Keyword Research, and building the Most Effective SEO strategies. Aswad has done 100+ successful projects for many clients, and their achieved results speak for themselves. This site is owned and operated by Aswad Khan.

Who is Aqsa Faiz?

Aqsa Faiz

Aqsa Faiz is the co-founder of iASWAD SEO Agency. She has 3 years of experience in the SEO industry and is an expert in off-page SEO. She mainly does creative Outreaching and Niche editing. She is graduated from sixth batch of iSkills Institute.

Her previous track record is proof of her reliability, trustworthiness, and practical abilities in the SEO Field.

Client Reviews

We know that SEO is not a “One Size Fits” industry; our team will create individualized strategies for your business. And that strategy will be effective for your business only. Let iASWAD give your business the best white hat SEO services. Here are the reviews from some of our clients.

Shahzad Shoukat

Thank you so much, iAswad, for your quality work. I took the “offPage” service, which helped me increase my rankings and increased the authority of the website.

Khuram Malik

Recently I got offPage SEO package, niche edits and guest post for a brand new site from iAswad. I must say, the quality is perfect, got great results!

Faisal Qaisrani

I have got monthly offPage SEO service from iAswad for my affiliate website and they did a fantastic job.

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